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Tips for Choosing from an endless array of Colors

As one of the largest single features of a home, a garage door’s color can play a major role in how much or how little your home stands out from your neighbors. Not only can it have an aesthetic impact, but your garage door’s color can also affect your home’s value.

One mistake you will want to avoid is choosing the same accent color as the front door, this can draw too much attention to the garage door and creates to many focal points.

You will want to find a color that is blends well with the color of the home. This guarantees that the garage door colors will harmonize with the rest of the home and give you nice curb appeal. You might choose wood garage doors, or a modern style but in the end its all you.
Garage Door Designer
The best way to make sure your garage door color will go with your house go to and upload your home to the designer.  There you can pick door styles, colors and options.  That's pretty cool!

Galvanized Steel Lift Cable

Lift cable comparison

The galvanized steel lift cables that are installed on your new garage door are corrosion and humidity resistant.

These lift cables come standard and is aimed at addressing concerns of extreme corrosion that may be prevalent.

All of Martin's lift cables come standard 1/8 inch thick, or 3.175 mm, compared to the industry standard of 1/16 of an inch or 1.58 mm. One safety feature of the Martin Door lift cables is that even on low clearance/low headroom applications, the cables are located inside between the track and the door section.  It's safer because they are hidden and won't get in the way of your fingers.

Don't let kids take a ride

Child ridding garage doorIt's better to eliminate the risk, than simply warn a homeowners about the risks, especially when it comes to a child's safety.

The lure of the garage door is too much for many small children, who see potential adventure in riding the door up and down.

Martin Door doesn't think this lure is going to go away. “You're not going to stop children from riding garage doors with signs or training, but you can make the garage door safer!” Dave Martin said.

Martin has done just that, by building extra prevention into each Martin Garage Door. It is difficult for any child to take a ride on a Martin Door. If they do, extra safety is built into each section joint with finger safety joint and Low Profile Hinges. This prevention carries into other areas of the door; from the inside lift cable, to removing holes in the vertical track to having rolled edge tracks. The Consumer Product Safety Commission's latest report estimates to many accidents related to garage door use each year. The CPSC estimates that roughly 2,211 serious incidents occurred with children 14 and under.

Putting a face on those numbers only makes the issue more real. For example, in a northern Utah community two kids thought it would be fun to ride a garage door at their home. One of the boys put his fingers in the section joint. When the door reached the ground he was trapped. He had to be rushed to the hospital.  Martin said. “It's an embarrassment to our industry to make dangerious garage doors; Just fix the door.  ”

An aged copper door

Copper Garage Doors

The distinctive look of copper adds style and elegance to the finest homes. Martin Door first introduced real copper metal doors in 2000. Since that time sales of copper doors have continued to increase. In time, copper doors will patina or they can be professionally finished to achieve the desired effect. Martin's copper doors have a lifetime warranty and are insulated for thermal efficiency, noise reduction, durability, and minimal upkeep.

Garage Door Opener Buying Guide:

Knowing what features you want or power requirements to operate your garage door can be somewhat overwhelming. So whether you are looking at Marantec, or LiftMaster lets break it down.

Belt DriveBelt Drive Openers

The belt-drive system is the quietest drive type because its operation is the smoothest. The steel-belt is made to last and is strong enough to lift the heaviest garage doors. It's the perfect choice for replacing a noisy opener or the satisfaction of buying quality with a new garage door.

Chain DriveChain Drive Openers

The chain-drive system uses a metal chain to lift the door. Chain drive systems are cheaper and most common, but they are inherently nosier, however they continue to be very popular. Just like there close cousin the belt-drive they are designed to lift even the heaviest carriage house garage doors. They are rugged, reliable, and deliver when called upon.

Screw DriveScrew Drive Opener

The screw-drive system uses a threaded steel rod to lift the door. The lifting force of these openers are superior and reliable, giving you years of operation. They requiring very little maintenance which is a definite plus.

Wall MountWall Mount Opener

The direct-drive mounts to the garage door shaft off to the side and operates much quieter than other openers; it is simply beautiful. Usually direct-drive units are used for low ceilings or obstructions but I see this technology being used in any situation.